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The Blood-Brain Barrier and MS

Updated on: April 11th, 2016 by admin
Posted on: January 27th, 2016 by Stephanie Buxhoeveden
Category: About MS, MS Glossary, MS Resources

The brain has a personal security system that’s designed to keep intruders out. But what happens when it malfunctions? Does it hold the answer to MS?

Hesitant to Donate? Meet the Person You’ll Help

Posted on: January 13th, 2016 by MS HOPE Staff
Category: About MS HOPE Foundation, Managing MS, MS Activism, MS Awareness

When you donate to a charity, do you wonder where your money goes? Sure, you can go to events at restaurants that do fundraisers, as well as galas, dances, etc., and give your money never to hear of it again. There’s no follow-up, aside from a grand total announcement that may or may not be […]