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New (School) Year’s Resolutions

September is a great time for a fresh start
Posted on: September 3rd, 2013 by Erica Daher
Category: Inspiration & Motivation, Managing MS

road sign that says Now that the last few days of summer vacation are upon me, I suddenly have an overwhelming feeling that I need to make a fresh start. Both of my children will be going to school and I will have a lot more time to focus on something else that matters — ME! I have made a mental game plan of what I need to do. Hello, September, I am ready for you!

First, I have decided to stop trying to solve everything with vitamins. I am no longer taking anything that makes my pee look radioactive. My liver is already thanking me. I used the summer to wean myself off of the supplements that don’t seem to be doing anything to reduce my pain, improve my memory issues, or enhance my general well-being. I will still take a few, but the other 12 are going in the garbage. My plan is to just concentrate on healthy eating for me and my family. For the most part, we are health conscious, but I want to focus on foods that are good for my MS and tame inflammation. Buh bye, yummy cheese! I will not give up wine because I am only human. Baby steps.

Second, I have decided that I cannot do it all. We have several houseguests set to arrive later this month, and while I pride myself on being a terrific hostess, I just cannot pull that weight anymore. Taking my own advice about not having to explain myself and my MS, I will do what I have to do. That means being well for my children and my husband, and making my guests feel welcome but also setting limits. Daily grocery shopping and taking lunch and dinner requests will not be options anymore. If I want to remain sane and keep my stress level down — both so very important for my MS — that’s what I have to do. No feeling guilty. I made a vow to myself to actually practice what I preach this time. Funny, the burning in my arms is already feeling better!

Learning to be selfish for my own health is going to be the hardest change of all. I like being the household that loves to BBQ and have kids running all over the place and spending late nights on the porch. I would also like to get more involved with my kids’ education. We are planning on changing their schools and might need to look at resources like School Guide to get an idea on how to select the right school. I hope it goes well. I know, it’s not a resolution, but it is part of this year’s changes.

Finally, I decided I am going to start writing more. With the encouragement of my sister, I have started writing down my thoughts to share with all of you and it has turned into a great form of therapy. I feel comfortable enough to say the things I want to say and get stuff off my chest. I have come to better terms with my MS and now feel that I have more courage to face what comes next. I do not feel alone anymore because we are building a community around the MS HOPE Foundation and I can share my innermost thoughts with all of you. I encourage everyone to try this writing thing — it works! I plan to keep it up as part of my new (school) year resolutions!

Do you have any September Resolutions? Share them here!

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2 Responses

  1. Regina A. says:


    I, too, am finishing off the vitamins, with no planto replace them. I am required to stress it so much with prescribed medication, that adding to the burden seems careless, maybe even reckless, at this point.

  2. Don says:

    Just stumbled onto your blog and really found your thoughts about slowing down and letting go all the things I can no longer handle quite liberating.
    I was an early user of supplements, mercifully I came to my senses and stopped all of that expensive and potential dangerous pill popping.
    Keep writing.

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