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On a Positive Note…

Posted on: July 7th, 2014 by MS HOPE Staff
Category: Inspiration & Motivation, MS Silver Linings

Slice of cakeWe recently received the letter below. It’s so beautiful and thoughtful, we had to share it. Our goal at MS HOPE is to help people with MS. That’s all. Just to make life a little easier for people who are battling this beast. So to hear from someone that we’re making a difference in the MS community? Well, that’s just the icing on our cake.

As a family member of a person living with MS since 1975, I have seen many changes within the MS community. From a time when no disease modifying drugs were available nor diagnostic procedures except lumbar punctures, to now when there are finally disease modifying treatments that offer hope.

While there is no medication for reversal of symptoms nor a cure, there is a shining light for those living with the life changing diagnosis.

Specifically, the MS HOPE Foundation offers those with MS an opportunity to continue a positive life through their programs, blog, and support.

As a social worker who worked at an MS Center, I know how important it is to feel some sort of control over a condition that challenges one physically and emotionally. The most frustrating aspect of MS is that one never knows when the next flare-up will occur and more than this, there is nothing to prevent it.

That being said, resilience in the face of this “unknowing” is so crucial. It is not easy… to rebound physically and emotionally and one needs a superb support system.

To that end, the MS HOPE Foundation provides a positive future, a realistic present, and a generosity of spirit that I applaud.

I particularly wish to commend Erica at the Foundation for her exemplary commitment to the MS community.


Janet H. Kaufman, LCSW-R

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